How to pack your triathlon bike using the Bikebox Alan Triathlon Easyfit

Posted by Edmund Ong on

Packing your bike into a bike box has never been easier, seriously! You don't want to train so hard for the all important Ironman event only to find your bike arrive at the destination damaged in transit. The last thing you want to do is to scramble around looking for a bike shop in a foreign place to fix your bike. 

The Bikebox Alan Triathlon Easyfit takes all the great features of its predecessor, the Bikebox Alan Original, with the added advantage being there is no need to remove handlebars anymore while packing your bike for travelling. 

In today's bikes where disc brakes are featuring in more and more bikes, packing bikes for travelling becomes ever so complicated. Most big name bike manufacturers like Canyon, Cervelo, Giant, Trek and Specialized make amazing riding machines with integrated front end cockpits. It can be a real headache trying to disassemble bikes for packing and travelling. Some bike bags do not require you to remove handlebars when packing bikes, but it can be a nightmare as bike bags are susceptible to bikes getting damaged in transit by rough baggage handling.  

We are fortunate enough to engage multiple Ironman Champion Sarah Crowley to transport her bike in the latest Triathlon Easyfit boxes this year. Sarah has done a short video to show how easy it is to pack her Canyon Speedmax into the Triathlon Easyfit bikebox. It only took her 5 mins to do it!

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